In english

In english

Morjults fiskevårdsområde consist of the six lakes Långesjön, Veresjön, Tvättesjön, Stora and lilla Hällesjön and Mörkatjärn.

You can buy a fishing license and rent a boat at Bosgården.

Write on the paper about fishing license/ boat rental and keep the white one. Put the red one along with the money in an envelope and put it in the mailbox.

You are obligated to always bring your license whilst fishing.

Fishing license is required from the age of 16.

The fishing license applies to fishing with hand tools but also 15 pc. tip up fishing devices.


Per year - vaild for one year from the date of purchase, 200 SEK

Per day, 30 SEK.

Boat rental, 40 SEK./day.

There's two boats in Tvättesjön, one in Veresjön, one in Stora Hällesjön and one in Långesjön.

One can not reserve a boat in advance.